So the site probably looks really bizarre right now. I’m FireReadyAiming this redesign.

The previous design was over 4 years old and quite dated. This new version will be more fun and hopefully better in all ways.

If you have any brilliant ideas design or functionality, share them please!




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  1. Michael Rosenau October 12, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Blake, I landed on your site searching multisite questions. Then surfed through and ended up here, and thought I’d throw my 2 cents your way.
    I think the site looks good. I like the subdued tones. Although I cannot compare it to your old site, the new site definitely looks modern or “current”. It kind of has a similar direction as this site –
    check it out, I think you’ll find inspiration.

    One aspect that I would change, and seems to not make sense — is the jump in typography style. You have a nice classic serif font for your name and text, which then jumps to a condensed font for the Headlines.

    Don’t get me wrong, contrasting type can be interesting and dynamic, but I feel that your condensed font in the headline is hard to read.

    Best of luck with your FireAimReady :)

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