Entrepreneurs: “Going it Alone”…Really?

Just got back from my yearly eye appointment where I always seem to hear bad news and the Ophthalmologist started to make small talk…

Him: where do you go to school?

Me: Grove City College in Pennsylvania.

Him: What are you studying?

Me: Entrepreneurship!

Him: [usual perplexed laugh] that’s cool. So… planning on going it alone?  

I had never thought much of comments like that, but this time it really irked me. I think this is a common misconception, that entrepreneurship is all about doing it by yourself and being independent. I may have had similar thinking starting out at college, not that extreme, but I didn’t understand how important connecting with people is and how much you need to rely on people.

Anyone who thinks that e-ship is all about being independent and "going it alone", is in for a big surprise if they go that route.

Business is all about relationships with people. At every level you are depending on people. Could Walton have done it without help? Gates without Wozniak?  My dad without my mom? (haha… no seriously)  Walking alone (by moriza)

Business partners/investors





This is anything but "going it alone". 

Am I just ignorant? Can you name one successful case of an entrepreneur "going it alone"?

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One Response to “Entrepreneurs: “Going it Alone”…Really?”

  1. Paddy Weeks October 4, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    Amen bro, in my experience in business, entrepreneurs are better than other “simple employees” at networking, connecting with people, and communicating. From sniffing out opportunities to getting venture capital, entrepreneurs are definitely not alone!

    All hail the entrepreneur!

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