An April Fool’s Journey | Watch the Internet Lose its Mind

Every year the Internet collectively goes berserk for one day. I figured this year I would try and catalog some of it as it happens.

What follows is my log of the festivities. Happy April Fools Day!

(I will update this post as the day goes on)

6:00am – YouTube from 1911

6:10am – My friend Chantilly got engaged :)

6:10am – Hulu goes back in time.

6:40am – Google is hiring Autocompleters

6:44am – Gmail can now be controlled by your body!
Update: Looks like Google Docs is the same.

6:47am – The Pirate Bay won an auction for eBay itself.

7:30am – Woke my wife up and asked her if cats were allergic to Jelly Beans. I told her our cat had a few of them.
7:45am – Asked my wife if cats can get like babies do when babies have carrots and turn orange. She then sees…
cat with jelly beans

8:10am – Envato announces a new 3D marketplace.

9:10am – Hootsuite releases “Happy Owls” – a more positive app than Angry Birds.

9:32am – Flickr has changed their logo to have an “e” in it. Rebranded as Flicker.
Flickr - flicker

9:37am – Kodak has a new app to expunge your ex from photographs.

9:39am – Seth Godin unveils an awesome new startup named whItespAcelInks. (I’m even linking to them on all of my whitespace)

9:43am – Do a Google search for Comic Sans and Helvetica.

Please comment below with ones as you come across them!

Here is a good compilation post on Google tricks SERoundtable.

See a collection of WordPress April Fools

Newegg sold eggs.

A news anchor was tricked into licking an iPad

Google also now offers advertising on blimps!

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