The Golden Opportunity of Upset Customers

Not Seth Godin again…Yeah I am a Godin fanboy, I will admit it.

Check out this gem from his post today…

The best time to do great customer service is when a customer is upset. The moment you earn your keep as a public speaker is when the room isn’t just right or the plane is late or the projector doesn’t work or the audience is tired or distracted. The best time to engage with an employee is when everything falls apart, not when you’re hitting every milestone. And everyone now knows that the best time to start a project isAngry Face (by Piez) when the economy is lousy.

Read the rest of the article: Winning on the uphills

I’d add that a customer venting about you or your product online is a golden opportunity to win a lifetime customer and great good will.

Have an example of a bad situation growing you or your business? Sound off in the comments!

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